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03-25-2014, 08:04 PM
Im going to go with something a little bit different, something that i think i havnt seen from any mocks so far and that is to grab 2 QBs.
I would like to do trades but i think it adds to much variability to the mock.

Disclamier: I'll add in my previous picks from my first mock which was done back in October. I wanted to wait for FA to assess the roster more before doing another mock.

Round 1.1
Jadeveon Clowney DE South Carolina

In Roc's system he will be drafted to play the OLB role.
Ideally i would like to trade back and i'm very close to taking Bridgewater as i think his a great prospect but there is something i just cant explain about him that worries me. By clowney playing OLB, this moves Reed to back up OLB and starting ILB, which adds more competition at both positions.
Clowney is the best player in this draft., and fills a need....simple
Previous pick: Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan

Round 2.1
Bradley Roby CB Ohio State
JoJo hasnt been playing up to his contract for 2 years now, Kjax has been developing but will be a FA soon. After that we have NOBODY. Im going with BPA even though he has some red flags. Will not be the starter so has time to grow which is vital for a CB more so than other positions imo. has speed to burn and not bad size. Will battle for the nickle CB position with bouye and harris....he should win out.
Previous Pick: Kyle Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech

Round 3.1
Aaron Murray QB Georgia
ACL injury drops him further then his talent suggests.
Small in stature but has incredible leadership and a high ceiling to grow into.
With Fitzpatrick as the starter will have time to rehab properly and adjust to the NFL.
Previous Pick: C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE, Iowa

Round 4.1
DaQuan Jones DT Penn State
Has the body for Roc's system, adds depth to the D-line, could even help out at DE if required. I didnt want to spend a high pick on a DT who isnt going to see the field much because we will be in nickle and dime packages often. But Jones will fill a serious need as a run stopping DT on 1st and 2nd down.
Previous Pick: Max Bullough, ILB, Michigan State

Round 4.35
Tom Savage QB Pittsburg
Back to Back QB picks. The thinking behind this is that i "double" my chances in finding a franchise QB. Both players will sit for majority of the year or all of it.
Murray and Savage can push themselves through Training camp and season for the back up role and then battle for the starting role next year.
Competition will be the key in growing and finding out who the best QB is.
Savage has tremendous upside potentially as good as any QB in the draft. He has all the physical skills but needs time to develop. Didnt play much through his college career but now his given the time to elevate his game.

Round 5.1
James Hurst OT North Carolina
Good to excellent body frame. More of a run game Tackle than Pass protector but shows potential along with experience because he played a record amount of games for NCU at LT. Excellent athetiscim proved by his lateral movement and ability to get to the 2nd level. Shows that toughness that you want in your tackles.
Previous Pick: Prince Shembo, OLB, Notre Dame

Round 6.1
Michael Schofield OT Michigan
Good but not elite size and arm length. Anchors really well and moves well laterally to pick up extra rushers. Versatile as a three-year starter at both tackle and guard. Toughness and real competitor. Will add to the competition for the starting RT position and overall depth of the O-line.
Previous Pick: James White, RB, Wisconsin

Round 6.5
Max Bullough ILB Michigan State
Drops in the draft mostly due to off-fied red flags.
will greatly improve our run defence. His offers little in coverage but it doesnt really concern me. going forward he will be a first 2 down 'backer, then our nickle and dime defence takes over. Competition for reed at ILB and his aggressive and competitive nature should mix well with other players in the locker room. Could become a surprise starter by the end of the year.

Round 6.35
James Wilder Jr. RB Florida State
Massive dude at 6.2ft 225lbs. Has a nice blend of power and speed.
Multiple small Red flags with the law, this late in the draft i couldnt care less, and nor will o'brien, so long as he stays out of trouble while at the texans.
Not your 3 down back but a big time short yardage guy that could really help out when needing a grind and pound back.

Round 7.1
Jordan Najvar TE Baylor
Great size being 6.6ft 256lbs but is quite slow.
Big target with good initial quickness but certianly not a deep threat. Will enter camp as the 4th TE on the roster but could compete for the 3rd TE role.
Previous Pick: Caleb Lavey, ILB, Oklahoma State

Round 7.41
Andrew Wilson ILB/OLB Missouri
can play both ILB and OLB has decent size and athetisicm. Extra body at camp if he makes the team will help out on Special teams.....
Mr irrelevant, what do you want me to say. i never heard of the guy only found him on the net.

So thats it. thanks for reading looking forward to your feedback.
Clearly my main focus was competition in this draft, as for me its incredible important on developing players and the team culture. Also reflects what i think obrien wants in his team ethos.

03-26-2014, 05:01 AM
If our draft went down like this I'd have no problems with it and I really like your first 4 picks. I don't know anything about Schofield, Savage, or Wilson but they fill positions of need. Overall very good job.

03-26-2014, 06:37 PM
If our draft went down like this I'd have no problems with it and I really like your first 4 picks. I don't know anything about Schofield, Savage, or Wilson but they fill positions of need. Overall very good job.

thanks mate. personally think that the 2nd round pick was the hardest. we could go so many different ways if it, a lot of good talent should be available

03-27-2014, 12:03 AM
2nd round is always hard for me as well. With only 1 pick in the 2nd round I always get confused on taking the best front 7 defensive player or the best OT to ensure our QB's safety and secure the RT spot. There's just so much good talent available in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, I want extra picks in those rounds. With all the extra picks we've got this year, hopefully Rick can do some trading.