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A Storm is a Brewing...First round picks from the 2011 draft class are in for a rude awakening (http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/A-storm-is-brewing-1567.html)
The star-studded class of the 2011 draft had to put off guaranteed money when the latest Collective Bargaining Agreement was signed that year.

But three years later, when players such as Cam Newton, Patrick Peterson, A.J. Green and J.J. Watt have established themselves, don’t expect the top players from that draft to make serious money.

And maybe not for a while.

In a survey of 10 NFL general managers and/or salary cap specialists, all of them said they expect almost every player from the first round in 2011 to be tendered for a fifth year in their contract rather than sign a long-term extension this year. Simply put, a system that was advertised as a way to reward players who perform has instead turned into leverage against the players.
“The (NFL Players Association) sold the best players in the draft down the river,” one agent said...

According to data produced by the website Spotrac.com and confirmed by many executives, the fifth-year salaries for most players from the 2011 draft are expected to be so inexpensive that there is almost no reason for teams to want to renegotiate right now. In addition, those salaries aren’t guaranteed for anything more than injury until the beginning of the player’s fifth season, putting the team in almost no risk.
read more: http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/A-storm-is-brewing-1567.html

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A Storm is a Brewing...First round picks from the 2011 draft class are in for a rude awakening (http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/A-storm-is-brewing-1567.html)

read more: http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/A-storm-is-brewing-1567.html

( By request, deserves its own topic.)

I faild to see how anybody characterizes this as a storm that's brewing. I see zero potential for anything to happen as a result of this situation beyond bitching and moaning.

This is exactly what was intended, and nobody should be at all surprised by how this turned out. I wonder how many of the folks bemoaning the fact that top draft picks were being ridiculously compensated prior to 2011 are now whining about the fact that they're being screwed (although I would imagine most of those complaining about this are either players or agents). The bottom line is this impacts at most 22 players a year - those drafted from slot #11 to slot #32 - for one year). If the first three years are enough to convince a team they don't really want somebody back at a starters salary then it won't even effect that many. For example, Gabe Carimi doesn't care about this clause in his former contract anymore, and I'm guessing this clause will end up having zero effect on Christian Ponder.

To me this is just a bunch of pissed off agents making a fuss about something that should have happened and did.

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05-04-2014, 01:30 PM
Fifth-year option tracker (http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000342224/article/fifthyear-option-tracker)
1. Cam Newton, Panthers: Option exercised.

2. Von Miller, Broncos: Option exercised.

3. Marcell Dareus, Bills: Option exercised.

4. A.J. Green, Bengals: Option exercised.

5. Patrick Peterson, Cardinals: Option exercised.

6. Julio Jones, Falcons: Option exercised.

7. Aldon Smith, 49ers: Option exercised.

8. Jake Locker, Titans: Option not exercised.

9. Tyron Smith, Cowboys: Option exercised.

10. Blaine Gabbert, 49ers: Option not exercised.

11. J.J. Watt, Texans: Option exercised.

12. Christian Ponder, Vikings: Option not exercised.

13. Nick Fairley, Lions: Option not exercised.

14. Robert Quinn, Rams: Option exercised.

15. Mike Pouncey, Dolphins: Option exercised.

16. Ryan Kerrigan, Redskins: Option exercised.

17. Nate Solder, Patriots: Option exercised.

18. Corey Liuget, Chargers: Option exercised.

19. Prince Amukamara, Giants: Option exercised.

20. Adrian Clayborn, Buccaneers: Option not exercised.

21. Phil Taylor, Browns: Option exercised.

22. Anthony Castonzo, Colts: Option exercised.

23. Danny Watkins, formerly of the Eagles and Dolphins: Not eligible for option.

24. Cameron Jordan, Saints: Option exercised.

25. James Carpenter, Seahawks: Option not exercised.

26. Jonathan Baldwin, 49ers: Baldwin’s restructured contract for 2014 eliminated the option.

27. Jimmy Smith, Ravens: Option exercised.

28. Mark Ingram, Saints: Option not exercised.

29. Gabe Carimi, Falcons: Not eligible for option.

30. Muhammad Wilkerson, Jets: Option exercised.

31. Cameron Heyward, Steelers: Option exercised.

32. Derek Sherrod, Packers: Option not exercised.

05-05-2014, 08:16 AM
5th year options on 3/4ths of the top dozen 2011 picks were picked up, and guess what position each of the 25% who's option wasn't exercised played ? Yep, and I suspect that little fact won't be lost upon one Bill O'Brien.

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...of the 32 first-round picks in 2011—all, of course, eligible now to talk new contracts with their teams—none, apparently, is close to a long-term extension. Not J.J. Watt, not Cam Newton. There’s probably a logical reason—that teams don’t have to do anything now before the draft, and talks will heat up after the middle of May. But if they don’t, you can be sure players will press the collusion button.