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Long, good story of a would be legend and how listening to the wrong adult can change the trajectory of a young athlete's life...

How Ryan Perrilloux Disappeared Completely (http://www.sbnation.com/longform/2014/2/6/5383326/ryan-perrilloux-profile-lsu-football-signing-day)

On Signing Day In 2005, One Of The Top High School Quarterbacks In America Had It All. He's Still Trying To Get It Back.
He was not only good, he was lucky. The doctor who worked on Perrilloux that night said the bullet came an inch from his heart one inch and he wouldn't have made it.

This is where we learn Ryan Perrilloux, at age 14, took a bullet that spun its way in and out of his body, nearly killing him.

And he did not cry.

* * *

Larry Dauterive began serving as the head football coach at East St. John High School in March of 2002. At the top of his "To-do" list was to meet the boy who lived on Bluebird Street. By now, Perrilloux was not only a phenom, but one who had cheated death.

"Throw for me," Dauterive told the freshman. Perrilloux did not disappoint. According to Dauterive, he could throw a football 50 to 60 yards in the air sitting on his knees. The coach even checked Perrilloux's birth certificate to make sure he was as young as everyone said he was...

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Good read man. Thanks.