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10-14-2013, 03:13 PM
I do not post much but I felt this needed to be said. For the first time this weekend I was embarrassed to be a Texans fan...not because of how poorly the team played but instead because of how poor of a fan base we are. Not much needs to be said on what transpired lets just fix it & move on.

As of now (prior to the Colts Chargers game) we are only two games back in the division) we still get to play the Jags twice, Colts twice, & have a ton of home games after the bye. Now this week against KC doesn't look good but I'm going to bet the Colts lose to Denver also & the Titans will lose against San Francisco. This season is not lost but when we meet the Colts Sunday night after the bye our entire season will be on the line. We need the team, the fans, ownership, literally everybody to be up for that game as we can move within one game of the Colts with a win there. Don't give up until there is 0 chance of making the post season. This team hasn't been there for us nor have we been there for them. Next time they are back in Houston lets see if both parties can rectify this problem.

Now on to the evaluations:

10-14-2013, 03:14 PM
All of us – Love or hate your team cheer for them…will there be good years yes, will there be bad years yes. All in all we have a good team & we are better fans than most of the league. That being said…stop being jackasses when we are bad…you do not have to cheer for them when they are terrible but do not cheer for injuries or show up tacking pictures at players houses. We are better than that…seriously that is what Cowgirl fans would do & I do not want to be mentioned with those nut jobs. You don’t have to be an eternal optimist but we are only two games out of the division the sky is not falling we just hit a rough patch…

Owner – Bob McNair: You own the team so I only can say thank you for being a great owner, bring back football to Houston & not being a jackass like the guy up IH45. Your patience has been great & I feel your organization is growing to be in line with the Steelers & Patriots. Sorry we the fans have been so critical but past a few years with the Rockets we have not had much to cheer about.

GM – Rick Smith: Just keep doing your job you have been great just stay away from free agency with older guys.

Head Coach – Gary Kubiak: Let’s be honest he is not terrible just needs to show emotion & not have the “awe shucks “ mentality. I want it to work for Gary as he is a Houston guy & I know he wants to bring a SB to this town. He also has a few rings himself so lets not jump the gun on trying to get him out of here. This guy turned us from the laughing stock of the NFL to a contender…yes it took a while but look at the others out there. Cower one a ring but was given 14 years to do it, Gruden did it with another coaches players, Belechek has only been successful because of Tom Brady (a monkey could coach a team with Tom Brady & win super bowls), Jon Fox & Tony Dungy can both thank Peyton Manning for their success because they are both fired from their jobs without him. Andy Reid…well you were underappreciated in Philly & a wrecking it with KC. For the most part great coaches are given tons of time or they are hanging onto the coattails of great QBs. Schaub is not a great QB but Kubiak has managed to get a ton of wins with him because he is a good coach. Belechek, Dungy, Fox, Gruden, Cower, all of them give you about the same Wins/Losses with the team that we have as Kubiak has. Give Kubiak great QB & what has he done…oh that’s right win 3 Super Bowl Rings. I say we work on getting him the QB he needs then if he can’t do it we show him the door. Until then you can expect 9-12 wins a season with a bad year here & there.

Offensive Coordinator – Rick Dennison: Lets be honest your only here because we kept being so good with Kubiaks offense that you were the next guy on the list that he could bring in from the Denver days that would shut up & let him run his offense. You have no stones & do not tell Kubes when he may be making a bad choice. You are on thin ice.

Defensive Coordinator – Wade Phillips: You are right wear you need to be as a DC for Houston. Bring home a winner & you & Kubiak will have the keys to the city for the rest of your life & you will finally get out from under your daddy’s shadow. Your great just turn the monsters loose that you have & fix the problems. Do not be afraid to bench future hall of fame players that are no past their prime...cough…ahem …REED…ahem cough.

Special Teams – joe Marci…I don’t even need to finish his name….YOU SHOULD BE FIRED….FIRED FIRED FIRED. I do not need to explain only show game tape of your special teams play form the last 3 years.

10-14-2013, 03:14 PM

QB1 – Matt Schaub: Not everything has been his fault & he has done a lot for this organization not to mention when he is on he is great but when he is off…well its terrible. Overall he is probably our best shot considering experience & whatnot. Next year can be decided later but there is still time to determine how this year ends & lots of it is on his shoulders.

QB2 – T.J. Yates: He has the size & I will forever be thankful he won us that first playoff game but the past two years have shown that he is nothing special. Not even as a patch & the problems Schaub makes in this offense will only be shown more with Yates at the helm. I see no promise for Yates on this team in the future.

QB3 – Case Keenum: One way or another Case should be the number two & if Matt doesn’t pan out this year should be in the mix for the number 1 next year. He can be developed now he is short & I do not think he is the second coming nor is he ready for the #1 spot right now but he has a future with this team & if the season is a wash should definitely get some playing time if it comes to that but not sooner.

RB1 – Arian Foster: Great back who looks like he has finally started coming out of his slump (mostly by not playing preseason which he should learn for next year). Always needs between 20-25 carries a game if we plan on winning. Lots of positives but needs to step up as a leader & be more vocal.

RB2 – Ben Tate: Great back who has fumbling problems but hey most backs are not perfect. He either needs to be traded if the season is a wash so we can get something for him or if no trade then decide on a way to bring him back as the number two but most likely will be traded.

RB3 – Cierre Wood: Good looking young back who I feel comfortable with as a #2 if Foster or Tate went down. Also more than likely he is our #2 for the future. All this being said he deserves a carry or two when we are getting blown out or if we are stomping somebody as he will need to experience the big time before he gets jammed in the mix next year. Overall good signing & will probably replace Tate when he leaves either through trade or free agency.

FB1: Greg Jones: Little long in the tooth but he is a thumper of a fullback who can catch when needed. At max he is here 1-2 more years but he will do the job for sure while he is here. We need to look for a replacement soon though as age will creep up on him quickly & this is an important position for the Texans.

C1 – Chris Meyers: Overpaid but he is great for our system. He is sort of an anomaly as he can play astounding one week but then get obliterated the next. As we should be more of a outside running team he is not a liability though he is getting older. Overall a pretty solid leader on the line with Brown & is one of the few guys who I have actually stand up & get angry when he is mad about something on the sidelines.

C2 – Ben Jones: Will fill in perfectly for Myers when he is gone but I feel his true calling is as one of our starting guards as he has the size & the know how to accomplish it. He also showed last year that he can handle the load & make good decisions plus he rarely gets penalized.

G1 – Wade Smith: Gave us some good years but I feel he is leaning on the pillars around him in Brown & Meyers. I personally feel he has gotten a bit long in the tooth & should be replaced with Jones or another in the future.

G2 – Brandon Brooks: Decent player who just needs to be further developed can be a starting guard but just needs more time to get better. Can be a long term answer for us so long as he continues progressing.

G3 – Cody White: Nothing special here & he isn’t going to push anyone for a position so he can be gone next year for better talent should the situation arise.

T1 – Duane Brown: Leader who should probably be a captain…that said he is struggling this year with penalties which look to be mostly from frustration. Will still be a great player for us for a long while but needs to start being more vocal (which he has started doing).

T2 – Derek Newton: Probably will stick around another year but I would rather see him in a reserve roll as he simply is undisciplined & I think it is because he was thrown in to early & was not brought up properly. The game is not beyond him as a player but he just has some growing up to do & I would rather it not be on the field during the season.

T3 – Ryan Harris: Great reserve player who we can keep around at a descent price not to mention we know he can step in if needed. All that said he is not a #1 by any means.

T4 – Andrew Gardner: Nothing special here…really just holds a roster spot because he is a big body on the cheap. Overall he can probably go as it doesn’t look like we would want him to actually play nor is he pushing anyone for a position.

TE1 – Owen Daniels: Getting older & is starting to show it as a blocker…as a receiver he is still solid (when healthy obviously right now). Problem for Owen is that he has his clone in GG right behind him who is a better blocker & has youth on his side. Keep OD as long as we can but do not overpay him next time as he is well on his way to being the #2 TE in 1-2 years.

TE2 – Garrett Graham: Lots of upside & really has been one of the few bright spots on this team so far this year. He can block, he is big, can catch both in the flats & can be a threat over the top. Will easily be the #1 soon if not for the rest of this year & beyond. Pay him when we have to as he is the future at this position.

TE3 – Ryan Griffin: Big body guy who we haven’t seen a ton of yet. Really he could be integral as part of a power run package & I would love to see him involved with double or triple TE sets with Foster (didn’t we used to do this a ton & it worked). Overall he sticks around because from what the tape says he can block & that could be big.

TE4 – Jake Byrne: Seriously if you play TE for Wisconsin you will play TE for the Texans…seriously it’s a fact. Um nothing much here other than he can catch ok but overall is just filling a position & could easily be replaced with someone who is better.

WR1 – Andre Johnson: I would literally die a year early just so he could get a super bowl. I do not buy jerseys nor would I ever hang one on my wall but I damn sure will tell my son to grow up to be a responsible man like Andre & to play with class like him. I may never get to say anything to him but if I could it would only be “Thank You”. Whenever his career ends it will literally hurt to see him go as he is everything you could want in a professional athlete.

WR2 – Deandre Hopkins: First off he doesn’t have to be Andre Johnson 2.0 as no one should ever have to live in a shadow like that. All I want from him is the same type of man we have in Andre as far as off the field & leadership. He will take his bumps & bruises over the next year or so as all young players do but I hope in time he is what we the fans & the coaches want him to be.

WR3 – DeVier Posey: He may not be listed as the #3 but he should be as he is the only other receive who knows how to catch a pass & has the stones to do the hard work it takes to come back from the injury he did. Plays all over the place on special teams (one of the few bright spots) & I believe he can make a solid #2 receiver. Needs to have his number called more often but overall this guy gets it after making a few mistakes in college.

WR4 – Keshawn Martin: he should be allowed to stick around as a slot WR but nothing more. I have never seen someone who makes more bad decisions on taking kickoffs out of the end zone in my life. Seriously he starts our offense at the 10-15 yard line all the time. He does not have the speed to break one therefore he should have one rule if on kickoffs…catch it & kneel if you are in the end zone.

WR5 – Lester Jean: Completely a bust as he simply cannot make a catch nor get open. He looked like he had so much upside but it has been found wanting. He has been given enough time & we should move on from him.

10-14-2013, 03:15 PM
CB1 – Jonathan Joseph: Great player who has shown up big in his first two years (can fault the guy for playing hurt last year). Now that being said he looks off this year & hasn’t been playing up to his level which may be a lingering effect from the injury from last year. Overall needs to start playing better 7 may need to restructure his contract if we are going to keep him around.

CB2 – Kareem Jackson: Has come a long way from his first two years here. Could argue that he has played better than Joseph last year & a good portion of this year. I really feel Kareem may be our #1 very soon & all he really suffers from is penalties (a lot of which are phantom). He plays like a true Alabama player he is tough & isn’t afraid to pop you every now & again but the NFL is cracking down on things that hurt this type of player.

CB3 – Brice McCain: Has been given the opportunity & just can’t show up big when we need him. Can he cover a derpy teams #3 slot guy yes but Welker or Edelman will destroy him any day & those are the games we need him in if we want to compete. Should be replaced very soon.

CB4 – Brandon Harris: Guy has 0 confidence & is a liability should be replaced ASAP maybe even in season.

CB5 – A.J. Bouye: Not enough on him just yet but I feel he can be a good #4 maybe even get a shot as a #3 if he can hold up to slot receivers.

MLB 1 – Brian Cushing: Has been a beast for a good portion of his career. Really & truly he is the Texans version of Urlacher, Lewis, that type of player mold. He needs to be more vocal as he wears the Captain badge & this is his defense (no one else). He plays with reckless abandon & yet can always be in the right place at the right time. Overall he is a team leader & while he has been somewhat vocal I feel this team needs more of him (even if that is being greedy). We need more guys like him & if we could have 53 Brian Cushings on our team we could probably win half our games each year just with his type of talent.

MLB2 – Joe Mays: The guys is just a thumper & he should be put in positions to do just that. He shouldn’t be jammed into coverage as he is not Brian; instead this guy should be taking peoples ears off all day long & when the situation doesn’t call for that he should be off the field. Great pick up & I think in time he & Cush together can be dominant.

MLB3 – Tim Dobbins: This guys knows his role & when called upon can do the job nicely. He isn’t the greatest but he is a great B level player. He could start for other teams & is just behind more talented guys on our team. Overall good player & I hope he sticks around.

MLB4 – Darryl Sharpton: Take everything I said about Cushing, Mays & Dobbins & this guy is the exact opposite & in a consistent injury problem & sprinkle on of excuses on top. The guy is an average player who just can not stay healthy. Yes he is young & maybe he can learn but he simply has worn out his welcome.

OLB1 – Brooks Reed: Does his job but not much more, overall he should be a starter on this team but in the future he may suffer from being pushed by other players. He rarely can generate a pass rush & gets sacks merely when a QB is pressured by someone else into reeds arms. He struggles in coverage as we saw in the San Diego game & his true future may be as an MLB next to Cushing with Mays blitzing from the outside. Overall a good player who is still rough around the edges.

OLB2 – Whitney Mercilus: he simply knows how to get to the QB that is literally all he does. He isn’t a tier 1 talent but he has the football instinct like Cushing does. The guy just gets how to play his position & he has upside to grow as a player in the future. Great player who should be around for years to come.

OLB3 – Willie Jefferson: This guy is very similar to Mercilus he just knows how to put pressure on a QB. Problem for him is that he is behind a good LB core which means he will get few opportunities but if he keeps showing up for us in games then he deserves more PT.

OLB4 – Bryan Brahman: This guys is a MANIMAL the coaches just can’t seem to figure out a way to use him. Now he is not good at coverage but he can just get to a QB. He reminds me of the “get me the ball” LB from the Replacements movie. He is a bit crazy but sometimes you need that kind of guy & he should be given more opportunity.

OLB5 – Sam Montgomery: Good player who really just needs to grow up & he could be an amazing player. Time will tell with him but like Jefferson & Brahman he has to take advantage of his PT if he wants more.

OLB6 – Justin Tuggle: Damn we have a bunch of solid LB. Overall he is a bit undersize but has a good motor & understands the game. Falls in line with the other bench LB we have who has upside but needs to take advantage of his opportunities.

DE1 – JJ Watt: Great player but needs to step it up this year. Last year was great but this is 2013 not 2012. Anyone can look angry on the sidelines when things are going bad but a leader steps up when we need him to. He is an amazing talent who will be great for years to come but we just need to greedily ask more of him because others are not doing their job & you sometime have to lean harder on guys who can take it & like Cushing this guy can take it. Opening up the wallet for him will have to be done but if he is wise he will take a deal more similar to Cushing so that we can compete. Houston as a city loves him but pulling a Flaco will not help us or him in the long haul.

DE2 – Antonio Smith: The unsung hero…this guy just gets it & is a leader through & through. I hope we can bring him back on the cheap as this team needs more role players like him who understand the big picture of a team & can accept their role & relish in being great at it.

DE3 – Jared Crick: My wife calls him mini-Watt & in no way is that an insult. This guy can play & is being groomed to be a starter. He is a solid player who has shown up when given the opportunity. Lots of good things to see from him in the future.

DE4 – Tim Jamison: I loved what I saw from him in years past but I just do not see much of him anymore probably because Crick has come on strong. Good player who has earned his position but just gets lost in the wash of many good players in the same position.

NT1 – Earl Mitchel: Has bulked up decently & is probably one of the best NT we have ever had but we just need more from him…again this isn’t a knock on him I feel he just is someone who can be leaned on.

NT2 – Terrel McClain: Player X I literally have not seen this guy play so I will go with the coaches on this one.

S 1 – Ed Reed: May be the biggest mistake we ever made next to Ahman Green. I have never seen someone who cannot live up to his personality. What he did for Baltimore was great but for us he is an older safety who is afraid to tackle. I respect him for what he has done in the past but not for what he is doing for us now. Should be benched in favor of Swearinger or Keo.

S2 – Daniel Manning: Injury may decide this for him but I feel he has played well for us in the past but is simply being outplayed by younger guys on our team. He has the knowhow but I feel his body has given out on him. I love & am thankful for what he has done for us but his time has passed.

S3 – Shiloh Keo: I will be the first to say that I was wrong about this guy. I used to curse him whenever he played & I generally wanted him off the team. He has grown as a player & to him I am sorry that I gave up on him. Keo needs to be a starting safety on this team. He understands the game, can be coached; will tackle a guy when needed, & knows his limitations which means he understands where he needs to be & when he can do things & when he cannot. He plays angry & is young. Given more opportunity he will succeed more. I can honestly say I saw more form him in the first few games than I saw from both Reed & Manning combined.

S4 – D.J. Swearinger: Raw anger bottled…this guy is a hot head & we need him to be exactly who he is. Will he get burned sometime yes, will he get matched up poorly on a TE sometimes yes but his overall play & angry style will carry us more than his problems will hinder us. He is complete rage & he can be used in some many ways on our defense. I hate to quote a movie but “He’s the safety the Texans deserve just not the one they thought they needed right now. “ this guy can play & should be paired with Keo now to build us for the long term. Also making a statement by benching Reed (who is doing nothing for us & Manning who’s body gave up on him) will build even more confidence in these two.

S5 – Eddie Pleasant: Needs to be worked with but easily can become a safety who can fill in for either position. He is talented just needs more time in the system.

Special Teams:

LS1 – Jon Weeks: Does his job so he keeps it.

K1 – Randy Bullock: You were drafted to be the guy so I want you to become the most confident guy ever. Start making 50 yard field goals because we need you to & if you miss it don’t sulk back to the sideline & try to hide be angry about it because we all know you can make them & so do you. You are the guy….let me repeat you are the guy there is no one else here we have put all our trust in you…NOW GO BE THE DAMN GUY!!

P1 – Shane Lechler: Dude your talented thanks for coming to our team I hope you stick around for a while even though your older…sorry we are playing with our head up our ass this year because you are super talented.

I have said my peace...take it or leave it I finally had to get my opinion out there.

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This is an good thread needed to read it. I'll watch the game in Kansas City hoping we beat a undefeated team...

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Gary is that you?


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you should post more :specnatz: