View Full Version : WTS- 2 for home opener next sunday

09-08-2013, 04:15 PM
We will be sitting with friends for liberty white day so selling our normal seats. 132 HH, side by side in middle of the section. (16 and 17) Easy to get to, right next to RR's, beer stands, and food (yay!) Asking $140 ea. plus $30 for maroon, or $60 for red lot.
Tix in hand and can fed ex or usps. If I need to overnight, I'll ask for an extra $8 to compensate. Can't do e-tickets since we purchased them from a 3rd party, sorry. (listed em on stub hub, but I hate having to give them 15%.... can go a lot cheaper on here for other fans )

Colts n Tacks won today.... if we're gonna make a roll to NJ we better start off right and kick the ******* out of Rivers n co. tomorrow.... geez

If interested please PM me, or call my husband, Clay at 210-416-7877 so we can take them off of stub hub and get funds recieved and tickets sent asap.

Go Texans and GO OD!

09-10-2013, 05:47 PM
----------------- Sold ----------------------------

WHAT A GAME LAST NIGHT!! WHEW 4 hours of sleep is catchin up now!