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07-05-2005, 12:58 PM
among these top 4 tackle prospects which one would you choose as Texans GM? where do they go in order and why?

Jonathan Scott
Offensive Tackle
6-7 · 310 · Sr

Big, athletic fifth-year offensive lineman who is one of the nation's best tackles and a fourth-year starter … combines the athletic ability to be an effective pass blocker with the size and strength to be an overpowering run blocker … has tremendous footwork and combines that with an 82-inch wingspan (6-10)

D'Brickashaw Ferguson
Offensive Tackle
6-5 295 Sr

Is starting to grow into his body and is up to 295 pounds but still considered a relatively young player ... won't turn 21 until after the end of the regular season ... two-time ACC Offensive Lineman of the Week last season, one of three players to win it more than once ... very intelligent player who uses his agility and athleticism to great benefit

Eric Winston
Offensive Tackle
6-7 310 Jr

CAREER: Talented lineman who could be primed for national honors this season...the 2003 Offensive Lineman of the Year for the Hurricanes (voted on by the coaching staff)...moved to tackle from tight end in 2003 and quickly earned the starting job at left tackle...a dominating presence in the line who also matured into one of the team's vocal leaders...has the size, athletic ability, intelligence and work ethic to develop into an outstanding tackle...

Marcus McNeill
Offensive Tackle
6-9 337 Sr.

2004: Coaches’ All-SEC First-Team selection ... Associated Press All-SEC First- Team member ... Started 28 games in career ... Ended game against Alabama with a 98 percent overall grade, highest among Auburn’s starters ... Finished with six rodeo blocks and two pancake blocks against the Crimson Tide ... Finished with highest grade of starters with 99 percent overall with two pancakes and helped Auburn accumulate 404 yards of offense against Georgia ... Graded 91 percent overall with three pancakes against Ole Miss ... Posted the highest grade of the starters with a 97 percent overall including four pancakes against Kentucky ...Named the SEC Offensive Lineman of the Week for his performance against Kentucky ... Helped Auburn accumulate 522 yards of total offense against Arkansas ... Posted highest grade of starters with 94 percent overall with three pancakes against Louisiana Tech ... Had three pancakes and posted a 96 overall grade against Tennessee ... Finished with 98 percent grade on assignments and 93 overall against The Citadel ...Named the Coaches’ Offensive Player of the Game for his performance against The Citadel ... For the second straight game, had an overall grade of 92 percent including 97 percent on assignments against LSU ... Posted overall grade of 92 percent with four cockroach blocks and one pancake against Mississippi State ... Graded 92 percent on assignments against Louisiana-Monroe. Named a preseason second-team All-SEC selection by Athlon Sports. (enjoyed the verbage so much I left it as was) http://www.auburntigers.com/football/page.cfm?doc_id=755

07-05-2005, 04:14 PM
ironic this just posted on GBN - http://www.gbnreport.com/playerstowatch.html

July 5: OT Jake Long, 6-7, 338, Michigan, JR... Its no big secret that the strength of the 2006 draft will be the OTs. ESPN's Len Pasquarelli, for example, has a nice preview of the position in last week's Tip Sheet. Included in the elite level OTs for the upcoming draft are D'Brickshaw Ferguson of Virginia, 6-9 Marcus McNeill of Auburn, Eric Winston of Miami, Andrew Whitworth of LSU, and Jon Scott of Texas among others. And the OT position could get even deeper with the addition of several qualty juniors such as Winston Justice of USC, Levi Brown of Penn State and Justin Blaylock of Texas. The biggest and best of the underclassmen who could impact the 2006 draft is Michigan junior Jake Long, a massive 6-7, 338-pound RT prospect who has the pure physical potential to work his way into the very top of the OT rankings for the upcoming draft. Long is a dominating drive blocker who simply engulfs opposing DEs; and while not necessarily the most agile OT out there, Long has long arms and decent feet that allow him to lock onto even the quickest outside pass rushers.

07-05-2005, 05:29 PM
among these top 4 tackle prospects which one would you choose as Texans GM? where do they go in order and why?

1. Eric Winston - He has the quickness and tenacity to be an elite LT for years...He plays with a mean streak that I have never seen in our OL before, and that is an infectious trait...

2. D'Brickashaw Ferguson - He is a great pass blocker who needs to prove he can keep weight on...He and Winston are neck and neck IMO, but D'Brick doesn't seem to play with the fire that Winston does...

3. Jon Scott - He's probably going to be the UT homers' pick, but he's not on the same level as Winston or Ferguson (he can prove me wrong with a good senior season)...He is a good well-rounded blocker who has good, not great, feet...I'll probably have to warm up to the idea of getting him since he'll likely be the only good LT available when we pick...

4. Marcus McNeill - He is going to be an elite RT, but he's just that--a right tackle...After the contract we gave Wade, I can't see us taking a right tackle in the draft...

07-05-2005, 11:25 PM
right now i would say the order would be:

D'Brickashaw Ferguson- as of right now is the best overall prospect...he does need to add some weight so that stronger DE's will not push him around

Eric Winston- needs to prove he is over the knee injury of last year...needs to have a strong senior year in order to be a top 10 pick

Jon Scott- right now i'd say he's the most NFL ready tackle on the board...honestly he has the size and the athletic ability to be a franchise LT...i'm not a UT fan so you can't say i'm saying because of that

Marcus McNeil- i do not believe he has been written off as a pure RT yet...i think he can still play LT in the NFL...Tra Thomas of the phili eagles is just about the same size...plus mcneil can flat out play

Andrew Whitworth- i think this is the most underrated OT in this years draft...this kid has the size...has the ability to play LT just needs to prove he has the strength

out of these guys who do i see the texans picking up...jonathan scott from UT...why because hopefully we won't be picking high enough to grab ferguson or winston because i hope both players have strong senior years...and scott will be the best pure tackle on the board

07-05-2005, 11:39 PM
good posts Key & Rek :thumbup

man I can't wait for the season to start the suspense is killing me :bomb:

07-05-2005, 11:45 PM
...I'll probably have to warm up to the idea of getting him since he'll likely be the only good LT available when we pick...

So you think he's going to last till the 32 spot?


07-06-2005, 01:07 AM
1) D'Brickashaw Ferguson - the most atheletic tackle in this draft class and if he has another big season, he might move in the the Bosselli, Ogden, Pace class.
2) Jonathan Scott - is the most complete of the "Big 4," and has been getting the job done at Texas for years.
3) Eric Winston - could be number two on my list if he can be the same player he was before the acl injury, the best pass blocker in the draft.
4) Marcus McNeill - the enigma of the class, he must prove this year that he can play LT and has the foot work to do so. The best run blocker of the "Big 4."
If I was the GM of the Texans I would pick Ferguson. People say he has a weight problem, but a good nutritionist could find a way to keep weight on him in a healthly way. He also has the athletic ability to deal with Freeney which the other 4 don't.

07-10-2005, 10:29 AM
unless we have a top 5 pick, we wont be getting D'Brickashaw Ferguson. he would have gone no later than #3 this year.

07-11-2005, 02:45 PM
I would not be surprised if we used our 2007 1st rounder to move up in the 2006 draft and net one of the top OT's.

07-11-2005, 04:13 PM
I would not be surprised if we used our 2007 1st rounder to move up in the 2006 draft and net one of the top OT's.

Depending on how well Wand plays, that may not be a bad idea if he is stinking it up, but I doubt that will be the case. I suspect he will play somewhat better in his second year than Pitts did in his second year, which would be a nice improvement. That will probably not be as good as we would like, but it would show that he can play. What you then have is a muddy water situation where it isn't clear that we need to make a major move. If that happens, I doubt this club spends two first rounders to get an LT (could have done so for Pace if they wanted to) who is a rookie that MAY or MAY not workout. Of course if he stinks it up.....then all bets are off and we WILL do something. The question is what. Rookie or vet? Not sure who would be available that would be a top vet.

07-17-2005, 12:26 PM
All I know for sure Beerlover, is with this many prospects in the pool, the Texan's brain trust, whomever they, are have no excuse for "missing " in '06. I'm going to enjoy watching these guys preform next season. I wonder if OLT class of '06 will be like the QB class of '84 ?

07-17-2005, 01:43 PM
Didn't Casserley move up to select Chris Samuels when he was with the redskins?

07-17-2005, 02:25 PM
Didn't Casserley move up to select Chris Samuels when he was with the redskins?

"Then, in a surprising move the Colts selected running back Edgerrin James from Miami over Heisman trophy winner Ricky Williams. As a result Ditka got his man, as the Saints moved up to the fifth spot and drafted Ricky Williams. The Saints gave the Redskins all their 1999 draft picks and their first and second round draft picks in 2000 to get Ricky Williams."

The Redskins earned their #2 spot in 2000. But Also had the #3 overall pick from the Saints trade in 1999.

Awesome Move.

In 1999 they moved down a few spots and got Champ Bailey. Then in 2000 got Lavar, and Samuels.