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  1. 2007 Patriots v. 2010 Packers media coverage
  2. Dumbta picks on the weakest kid in class...
  3. Knox back injury
  4. Upset Weekend
  5. How bout them ....Titans.
  6. Why is holding a 10 yard penalty?
  7. Jason Babin is tearing it UP !
  8. Can the Colts lose the top pick?
  9. Pittsburgh at San Francisco
  10. Megatron
  11. Irsay Email to Season Ticket Holders
  12. Ravens' Boldin Out For Regular Season After Knee Surgery
  13. Do the Colts still get the Number 1 pick???
  14. Braylon Edwards - Making Good on 2005 Rookie Commitment
  15. 21 former players sue NFL over concussions
  16. Lets talk NFL Playoffs (Non Texans edition)
  17. Week 16 game day thread
  18. A Merry Christmas card from the Packers TEs
  19. Romo/Cowboys May be Holding Aces and Eights While Bidding for a Playoff Spot
  20. Bears vs Packers
  21. Caption this game "Rex Ryan vs Brandon Jacobs"
  22. Falcons vs Saints
  23. Brees' Record Could be Broken 6 Days After Being Set
  24. Do You Care if Players Use "Performance-Enhancing" Drugs?
  25. Hey look it's the Texans' best friend from last week
  26. Peyton Hillis believes in the ‘Madden Curse’ now
  27. Whoa! Possible Sumlin-type distraction with Titans' HC Munchak!
  28. Matt Flynn
  29. SD up on Oakland, could knock out the Tacks
  30. Dallas/NY
  31. Mendenhall tore ACL
  32. How Bout them Cowboys
  33. 2011 season: fired coaches edition
  34. Jets HC Rex Ryan Bawls like a little girl while speaking to Team
  35. 2012 Cowboy season could be a long one
  36. Head Coach watch
  37. Bill Polian fired!
  38. BYE BYE Peyton Hello rebuild
  39. Rashean Mathis Opposite JJo?
  40. Cowboys release Jones
  41. New England Patriots - Not one win over a better than .500 team
  42. Did any1 else catch NFL films cortland finnegan
  43. I would Love to see this at Reliant on Sat!
  44. John Clayton's 2011 All-Pro Team
  45. Gosselin's ALL-PRO team has Duane Brown at Left Tackle
  46. ProFootballFocus -- 2011 Rookie of the Year
  47. ProFootballFocus -- 2011 Offensive Player of the Year
  48. ProFootballFocus - 2011 Defensive Player of the Year
  49. Greg McElroy of Jets Speaks out
  50. How he got the nickname "Skillet"...
  51. Deadspin does a Madden simulation
  52. If the NFL embraced BCS instead of the playoffs
  53. Wild Card Playoff picks
  54. I never thought I'd see the day . .
  55. HWWNBN is about to win his first playoff game
  56. Steelers-Broncos AFC Wildcard
  57. Steelers One and Done
  58. Tebow throws for 3:16 yards...
  59. Packer's OC Joe Philbin's son reported missing...
  60. Raiders HC Jackson fired
  61. Jags hire Mike Mularkey as Coach
  62. Colts to Hire Eagles Grigson as GM
  63. The hype of Matt Flynn
  64. Wade & Buffalo
  65. What are you looking for in a HC?
  66. Jets hire Tony Sparano as offensive coordinator
  67. Cowboys Sweat Shop
  68. A day in the life of Mark Davis
  69. the greatest RBs of all time?
  70. New Jaguar owner talks "real" fans
  71. Divisional round predictions
  72. David Akers' Turnaround Season
  73. FCC considers ending the blackout rule
  74. Tim Tebow is the Anti-Christ
  75. NFL to Consider Rule Regarding Coaching Moves
  76. Divisional Weekend: Gamedays Thread
  77. Who are the League's Top 10 QBs?
  78. Miss 2012 play offs
  79. Discount Double Choke
  80. Who do you want to win Ravens or Pats
  81. Saints fan shoots two 49ers fans after loss
  82. Wiretape, spying, and other bizarre allegations about KC's GM Scott Pioli
  83. The impact of Miami players in the NFL.
  84. CBS Looking To Add Tebow To Broadcast Team
  85. Future Draft pick CB Kirkpatrick arrested on marijuana charge.
  86. PFF grade 2012 FAs
  87. 2012 NFL Offseason Schedule: Key Dates
  88. Rob Lowe reports: Peyton To Retire.
  89. Ted Ginn Jr.?
  90. 2011 PFF All-AFC South Team
  91. TO playing Indoor Football on own team
  92. Someone tattled to the Ravens about Joe Flacco riding a skateboard.
  93. Rams to play NFL games in London for next 3 years
  94. Fire Capers!
  95. Championship predictions
  96. Taking Stock: St Louis Rams
  97. Conference Championship Gameday Thread
  98. Does Baltimore release Billy Cundiff?
  99. I feel bad for the Ravens fans
  100. Brian Baldinger
  101. Mad Props to Thunderkyss
  102. Shooting after 49ers game...
  103. David Carr
  104. Peyton Manning?
  105. So Mr. Weatherford, where are you going now?
  106. Bernard Pollard: Dirty?
  107. Ray Lewis is a class act.
  108. SUPER BOWL who you pulling for?
  109. You are what your record says you are...
  110. Terrell Owens In GQ: I'm In Hell
  111. Super Bowl Rings
  112. Super Bowl Odds & Lines History
  113. Roger Goodell's contract extended
  114. Colts Hire Chuck Pagano (Balt D Coord)
  115. Dolphins making change to 4-3 defense
  116. MADONNA is “bringing gay to the Super Bowl.”
  117. Flynn Likely Joinining Philbin In Miami
  118. Ravens' very own website can stop from poking fun at Cundiff
  119. Broncos defense will be chopping wood next season
  120. What Would Hire Of Keith Butler Mean For Indianapolis Colts Defense?
  121. Pro Bowl watch thread
  122. 2012 Pro Bowl Discussion
  123. Thank GOD for Peyton Manning!!!
  124. Aldon Smith DUI & Felony Assault Weapon Charges
  125. NFC South Beware
  126. Bills switching to 4-3 defense
  127. NFL FA Bleecher Props to Sidline View
  128. NFL expands to 34 teams?
  129. Thursday Night Football to expand to 13 games in the 2012 season
  130. NFL Expansion: Hypothetical scenario
  131. How much would this suck?
  132. 2012 Hall of Fame Inductees
  133. I did it!! (Avoided the Super Bowl hype for the 2 weeks)
  134. Event Parking 350
  135. my probowl solution idea
  136. Super Bowl XLVI Thread
  137. Belichick
  138. A Major Loophole in the Rule book?
  139. Who has more bragging rights in the Manning house?
  140. Texans in the Super Bowl?
  141. anyone else sick of NYC & BOS
  142. Ricky Williams to retire
  143. Colts waived LB Zac Diles, OG Jaimie Thomas and OT James Williams
  144. Woman becomes the world's most disappointed Giants fan
  145. Sports Most Unlikeable Players
  146. Brandon Jacobs tells Gisele to shut up
  147. CB Stanford Routt signs with Chiefs
  148. Goodbye Ochocinco hello(again?) Johnson
  149. Tomlin, Steelers welcome Haley as new coordinator
  150. Belichick Wanted The Giants To Throw To Manningham
  151. P.Manning's face on all 32 NFL logos
  152. Alex Smith has Already Found a New Job
  153. Prayers to the Chargers Tommie Harris and Family
  154. 2012 Free Agent List.
  155. Moss unretires; will he find an NFL home before TO?
  156. Jerricho Cotchery?
  157. Remaining 2011 Cap Space by Team
  158. ESPN Removes Jaws from MNF
  159. DT Haynesworth released does a Div foe P/U Schaub Killer?
  160. SF Letting Spencer seek trade
  161. Top 10 Most Snakebitten Teams
  162. NFL Commissioner Goodell still has 18-game schedule in sights
  163. A couple of salary cap related tweets
  164. Alcoholism, bankruptcy and the unhappy story of Leigh Steinberg, former NFL agent
  165. Ray Lewis writeup
  166. LaRon Landry turns into Hulk or he is Prego
  167. Jordon Jefferson looking good at the combine
  168. Manningham ready to move on
  169. AP sources: Jets restructure LT Ferguson’s deal
  170. NFL Season Starts On A Wednesday
  171. WAS re-signs Center W. Montgomery
  172. PIT releases WR Ward
  173. 55 year old wants to be Cowboy cheerleader...
  174. Raiders will cut Wimbley if he doesn’t take pay cut
  175. Green Bay Packers raise $67 million in stock sale
  176. Franchise tag discussion
  177. Question about HOF game
  178. NFL Security investigation finds Saints sanctioned bounty program
  179. Brief amateur video of Peyton Manning throwing, posted yesterday
  180. Drew Brees and the Saints Are Cracking Up
  181. Giants not re-signing Aaron Ross
  182. AFC Wildcard Jan 3, 1993
  183. A lion pees on Chad [Ochocinco] Johnson
  184. Colts reach agreement on long term deal with Mathis
  185. Colts to release Manning Wednesday
  186. Good news for Cortland innegan
  187. Peyton Manning Derby (Signs with Broncos)
  188. Freeney could be out in Indy, too
  189. Troy Aikman Released
  190. John Madden says "treat QBs like Kickers"
  191. A comical look at all 32 teams pursuit of Peyton Manning
  192. 2012 Contract Restructures/Changes
  193. Rams trade #2 pick to Redskins
  194. Colts' release TE Clark, RB Addai, three others
  195. Jets extend Sanchez
  196. Jay Glazer reporting the salary cap will be 120.6 m set on Monday
  197. Peyton narrows choices to Denver, Arizona
  198. NFL QB Theory: West Coast college QBs worse than Midwest/East Coast QBs?
  199. Tacks trying to get Peyton
  200. How effective will Peyton Manning be?
  201. Cowboys, 'Skins lose cap space, most other teams gain
  202. Free agent WR thread
  203. Bears Acquire WR Brandon Marshall
  204. Pierre Garcon to sign with Redskins
  205. Uh Oh! Brandon Marshall, possible trouble?
  206. Bucs pay FA Guard Nicks 31 million guaranteed
  207. Megatron gets mega-deal ... record contract
  208. Cowboys sign Kyle Orton
  209. Cowboys Sign Brandon Carr
  210. Josh Freeman
  211. Chiefs sign Peyton hillis
  212. Browns take a shot @ Flynn
  213. Bud Adams reportedly offers Peyton Manning "contract for life"
  214. Mike Brisiel/signs with Raiders
  215. Eric Winston signs with Chiefs
  216. Jason Allen signs with the Bungles
  217. Manningham to 49ers
  218. Matt Flynn to Seahawks
  219. Alex Smith
  220. Tebow on the Trading Block
  221. Bud Adams . . . Loser - Love it !!!!!!
  222. Rashard Mendenhall may have played his last down for the Steelers
  223. David Garrard to the Dolphins
  224. DB FAs available.
  225. Anyone looking forward to seeing the unveil of the Nike NFL Uniforms?
  226. DeMeco Ryans traded to Philadelphia
  227. Sean Payton suspended one year.
  228. Tebow to the Jets
  229. In other NFL News ...
  230. Vince Young wants to be a texan
  231. Proposed 2012 NFL Rule Changes
  232. Dreessen signs with Broncos
  233. Gregg Williams
  234. 2012 NFL Draft Order Announced
  235. Cowboys at Giants to open the season
  236. Seahawks change logo
  237. Asante Samuel to Titans?
  238. Eagles LT Jason Peters Ruptures Achilles Tendon While Training.
  239. Carolina Trades Mike Goodson to Raiders
  240. Madness makeover: What if NFL used NCAA tourney format?
  241. Raiders becoming 'Houston West?'
  242. Brees headed to Cleveland.
  243. (Bengals) NFL Cheerleader, Teacher Accused of Sex with Student
  244. Sad That a New Leaf is Not Turned Over
  245. NFLPA warns that players may face criminal charges in bounty scandal
  246. Mom, is a Wunderlic of 4 Real Guuuuuud?
  247. RGIII has declined an invitation to work out for the Colts
  248. Lions DT Nick Fairley arrested for marijuana possession
  249. LeGarette Blount protests drafting of Trent Richardson..
  250. Jets go to Outback for TE